Inkie, whose real name is Tom Bingle, is a British street artist and graffiti writer known for his distinctive style and contributions to the urban art scene. He was born in 1969 and gained prominence in the Bristol graffiti scene during the 1980s. Inkie is considered one of the pioneers of the street art movement in the UK.

Inkie’s art often features a combination of bold lettering, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors. He is known for his skillful use of calligraphy and typography in his work, which has a dynamic and eye-catching visual impact. His pieces often blend elements of graffiti, street art, and fine art techniques, creating a unique and recognizable style.

Throughout his career, Inkie has been involved in numerous collaborative projects, art festivals, and exhibitions around the world. He’s known for his role in organizing the famous “See No Evil” street art event in Bristol, which brought together a diverse group of international street artists to transform a city center street into a vibrant outdoor art gallery.

Inkie’s work is not only celebrated for its aesthetic qualities but also for its ability to engage with social and cultural themes. His art can be seen as a commentary on various issues, and he often uses his platform to raise awareness about environmental concerns, political issues, and more.


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