Renato Grome

Renato Grome is of Italian descent and spends most of his time in Italy/Europe

Renato Grome’s work explores perception, often from the perspective of an outsider looking in.

“I look at the world surrounding me with an out-of-body-vision, as though my eyes are outside their sockets, outside of my head, with a 360º vision.”

Grome is internationally known for his intensive flower photographs produced through his fully analogue technique using positive film and RA4 hand-printing, attaining a reversal of reality. The positive is the negative. This inverse technique creates surreal intense colours, making iconic images both seductive and darkly disquieting.

Renato Grome likes to create an often low-tech device specifically to carry forward his visual story, this can be a custom built technical rig or a small set, these are deeply interconnected with telling the story, and is their sole mechanical purpose. Grome varies his photography techniques from film, pin-hole cameras, high-res digital format, low-res digital format, and custom-made lenses.

Renato Grome has exhibited in private galleries and public art institutions in Bologna, Boston, Istanbul, Melbourne, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Trieste and Verona.


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